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June 21, the longest day of the year and my favorite day for weddings! Especially if the people involved are as fun and in love as Jacques and Sheila! These two are such a happy couple, it was only natural that their wedding would be a joyous occasion that everyone would save in their hearts forever.

When I asked Jacques why they chose Naxos for their wedding he said,

“Sheila and I met here in San Francisco just a few weeks before a trip that I’d scheduled through Greece and Turkey. I asked her to come with me, and it was magical. We especially loved Naxos. When it came time to choose a wedding destination, it was the inevitable choice!”

How romantic!  The magic was everywhere the day of their wedding – J&S were glowing!  Sheila wore a beautiful green tinted dress that matched the turquoise waters of the aegean…she looked like a mermaid queen fairy, exotic and chic!  The wedding took place at the elegant Medusa Resort on Plaka Beach. Words were spoken during the ceremony honoring the four directions on the day of the Summer Solstice, and the wedding vows that were shared between J&S brought tears in everyone’s eyes.  The wild party that followed included a lot of dancing, fireworks, night (nude) swimming, and sky lanterns!

J&S, I wish you a magical life together, you have the kind of love that others dream of! I am so happy I was there to witness and capture it for everyone.

Venue: Medusa Resort

Florist: Moustakis Flower Company

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  1. Kat Nelson says:

    What gorgeous photography and more gorgeous people! (Inside and out) Thank you for making me feel closer to being there.

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