Location: Naxos Island, Greece

For those of you who don’t know, I spend my summers in Naxos. I am blessed! Blue skies, yellow sandy beaches, turquoise sparkling-clear waters and a mediterranean breeze…and best of all, Yazoo Summer Bliss! That is where I met Priscilla, the beautiful girl traveling from Holland. We started talking and she asked me for a portait session! So we headed around Plaka Beach for a fun photo shoot. Here are some of the photos…


naxos photographer_0008.jpg
naxos photographer_0037.jpg
naxos photographer_0038.jpg
naxos photographer_0039.jpg
naxos photographer_0040.jpg
naxos photographer_0041.jpg
naxos photographer_0042.jpg
naxos photographer_0044.jpg
naxos photographer_0043.jpg
naxos photographer_0045.jpg
naxos photographer_0046.jpg
naxos photographer_0047.jpg
naxos photographer_0048.jpg
naxos photographer_0049.jpg
naxos photographer_0050.jpg
naxos photographer_0051.jpg
naxos photographer_0052.jpg
naxos photographer_0053.jpg
naxos photographer_0054.jpg

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