Inga and Stefanos…Lithuanian girl meets Greek boy, they fall in love and live happily ever after on the island of Naxos! We had an amazing engagement session at one of my favorite locations in Naxos near the village of Melanes. This is the Palace of Jesuits, also known as Kalamitsia. It is such a […]

Η καλοκαιρινή βάπτιση της Μελίνας που οργάνωσαν η Κατερίνα και η Καλλιόπη από την Kallina Coordinators στη Νάξο, ήταν από τις πιο γλυκιές που φωτογράφισα φέτος! Αλήθεια, έχετε δει πιο όμορφη οικογένεια; Και η Μελίνα ήταν ένα αγγελούδι, χαμογελαστή και λαμπερή! Το μυστήριο της βάπτισης έγινε στον Αγ. Προκόπιο και η δεξίωση ακολούθησε στο Yazoo Summer Bliss. Τις […]

I just love a good love story, especially when it involves Naxos! This is where it all started for Matt & Bree, a lovely couple from Perth, Australia, who got married last September in Naxos. They met and fell in love one summer while working at a restaurant in Naxos town and a few years […]

Location: Naxos Island, Greece For those of you who don’t know, I spend my summers in Naxos. I am blessed! Blue skies, yellow sandy beaches, turquoise sparkling-clear waters and a mediterranean breeze…and best of all, Yazoo Summer Bliss! That is where I met Priscilla, the beautiful girl traveling from Holland. We started talking and she […]