Inga and Stefanos…Lithuanian girl meets Greek boy, they fall in love and live happily ever after on the island of Naxos! We had an amazing engagement session at one of my favorite locations in Naxos near the village of Melanes. This is the Palace of Jesuits, also known as Kalamitsia. It is such a […]

Jasper & Maaike came from Holland to Greece this summer for a vacation. I was invited to spend a day with them for a photo session at Villa Delenia. This little paradise is located in Evia, on the southern side facing the Aegean Sea. I was so happy to be there, the location was a perfect […]

G&M’s wedding took place at Medusa Resort & Suites in October 2014. This little piece of heaven is located at the end of Plaka Beach and is owned and run by the bride’s family. Mariangela organizes many weddings throughout the summer at the resort, some which I have been honored to be a part of, […]

  June 21, the longest day of the year and my favorite day for weddings! Especially if the people involved are as fun and in love as Jacques and Sheila! These two are such a happy couple, it was only natural that their wedding would be a joyous occasion that everyone would save in their […]

Venue: Dreams This wedding was a bit more fun for me because it was also a high school (ACS) reunion…It was great to see everyone again! The ceremony took place in Glyfada, on the beach just before sunset and was followed by drinking and traditional dancing from Karpathos. At the end (like always) the younger crowd […]

Πόσο μου αρέσει να κάνω φωτογραφήσεις μητρότητας, υπάρχει τόση γλύκα μεταξύ των ζευγαριών…και οι κοιλίτσες είναι όλες καταπληκτικές, όποιο μέγεθος και αν είναι! Εδώ είναι ένα άλλο όμορφο ζευγάρι, ο Γιάννης και Γαρυφαλιά, και περιμένουν δίδυμα!  Ήταν πολύ διασκεδαστική η συνεργασία μας, και τους ευχαριστώ που μοιράστηκαν αυτές τις πολύτιμες στιγμές μαζί μου. I just […]